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Why Your Business Should Be Blogging

Blogging may seem like a tedious task, spouting out the same old topics that you know people don’t really want to read about. Maybe you feel as though you should write just for the sake of making another update on your website or appearance of their newsfeed.

So why not dedicate your blogging time to post about something a little more interesting? Pick a topic that will engage not just your audience but yourself and your business as well. For example, creating ‘helpful’ posts, tips and tricks, are great ways of not selling your product directly but selling your knowledge in your industry. This also allows your audience to learn from you and regularly check out your blog to see what else they can gain from you about other topics, setting you as an authoritative figure and all-round expert in your field.

Create a community interaction through your blog, it’s not all about sales! Blogging about the business’s life, its achievements and not-so-serious things allow the audience to engage with you on a personal level. Take a look at our Newbury & Thatcham Hockey Club post for an example.