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The Importance of a Mobile Optimised Website

Mobile devices have become a 21st century staple. Our obsessive digital lifestyle has had businesses adapting to mobile optimised websites like there’s no tomorrow. But are they actually necessary? The answer is yes.

Mobile responsive websites are of great way of keeping your visitors happy when they’re on-the-go or just away from their desktop. Mobile user-friendly technology is becoming increasingly important and even has an impact on your Google rankings. The search engine giant has awarded higher rankings in search results to those with mobile optimised websites than those that are not. This means that the SEO strategies your site currently uses could mean nothing if your website is not viewable on mobile devices.

Just because your website looks appealing on a desktop, does not mean it is has the same effect on a mobile device. Constant pinching and zooming on a smartphone is not going to fully engage your audience, as it just causes unnecessary hassle. More commonly than not, your valuable customers will close your page and redirect themselves to something user friendly. There is massive competition within businesses and using mobile responsive technology will put you ahead of your competitors and make you a go-to website for your users.

Using mobile optimisation can increase sales and boost customer engagement. Why? Because mobile optimised websites give visitors a better experience and easy navigation to get the information they want quickly. With clear Calls to action (CTAs) and easy site navigation, your audience has everything they need to know about you in the palm of their hand. Furthermore, mobile responsive technology allows your user to access your website wherever they are (as long as they have wifi or signal of course).



Here at Media Fusion, we believe in great lasting impressions, we also believe in designing website that put ‘mobile first’. That is why our website design service provides fully optimised websites as standard that maximise the user experience and conversion when viewing sites from a mobile device. We also have a free no obligation current website evaluation service.

Here are a few great ways to check if your website is suitable to view on a mobile device:

Does your website draw immediate attention to your key selling points or services?
Does it provide a good user experience?
Is it easy to navigate?
Is the content easily viewable?
Can the audience see everything they need to, without pinching and zooming?

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