The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email may not be the most cutting edge method of marketing your business, but that doesn’t mean that it is not successful and effective! In fact, email marketing is a still a great form of communication and an easy way of staying connected to your customers – anywhere, anytime.  You can easily reach global markets with a click of a button - so it is an extremely versatile, simple to use tool.

As it is very easy to customise, email is easily adapted to your business and that of your customer. Indeed, the option to personalise your email is a strong marketing advantage and can instantly engage your customers by creating customised messages and articles relevant to them.

You can easily create dynamic visual content by adding hyperlinks to direct your audience to your desired content, be it a new product highlighted on your website or an exclusive event.

Email marketing is easily integrated into other marketing activities and an existing CRM system. It can be a catalyst for effective and varied communication with your audience. The possibilities of email marketing include regular newsletters, campaigns and one-off promotion announcements, allowing you to promote certain messages at certain times, keeping your customers in the loop and not boring them with the same old message. For maximum effectiveness, targeted emails must be based the recipients' most up to date contact information in order to keep bounce rates to a minimum.

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Another benefit of email marketing is that it is low cost and therefore represents a very high ROI. There are many email marketing software packages to choose from, each of which have their own merits such as MailChimp and Dotmailer - so it's down to you to choose the one which is most appropriate for your business.

Here at Media Fusion, we want to make communicating with your audience as easy as possible. That is why we offer a fully customised email marketing service that is tailored to your business. Not only do we create unique templates using our own mf mail software which are designed to fit in with your branding and ethos, but we also provide a complete management service that allows us to take full control of your email marketing.

We create innovative email marketing campaigns, sending out emails to the right people at the right time and also ensure the design and content are not going to fall foul of anti- spam software. When a campaign is completed we can provide in depth analysis of readership response and actions including their interaction with your website and landing pages.

In short, email marketing via media fusion is an effective method of communication that offers excellent integration with other marketing strategies.

Please ask us today for a detailed proposal and quotation.

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