It’s Not too Late to Start Planning Your Affordable Christmas Marketing Campaign!

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to not only raise your profile but also to cash in on the traditional pre-Christmas sales boom. There are many ways to capitalise on the festive season - you’ve just got to be forward thinking and marketing savvy! Here are a few ideas, tips and tricks on how to get your Christmas campaign off the ground and promote it on Social Media.

What to Offer 

As Christmas is the time for giving, promoting special offers such as limited time discounts and BOGOF deals is a good way of appealing to both new and existing customers.

Recommend a friend offers are perfect for getting new customers as well as treating your existing ones. Offering irresistible discounts just by recommendation is a win-win for both you and your customer.  You can tailor the offer. Perhaps make it last for the whole of December or maybe just the post Christmas period to get people out of their comfort zones and taking advantage of the limited time offer.  But be prepared for the influx of customers!

If you’re feeling more personable, a great way of enticing your customers, building a good reputation and adding personality to your brand is to offer free give aways to events, such as music tickets or experience days.

Pre packaged hampers are a quick and easy gift. They are particularly welcome in the festive season.

How to Promote Your Christmas Campaign on Social Media

If you’re on a tight budget, Social Media marketing is an excellent way of promoting your businesses campaign at a low cost. All you need is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and good campaign graphics with enticing accompanying text.


Take advantage of Facebook’s advertising function. This easy to use tool allows you to promote specific graphics and text to your chosen audience by location, age interests and more. The adverts are then placed within the streams of your audience’s newsfeed which encourages them to take action when they see them.

Facebook actively updates you with the engagement and the overall performance, of your advert so you can adapt future ads accordingly.

 Another effective method of utilising Facebook is to ‘pin’ your posts. Pinning a post means that it constantly appears at the top of your business page, even when you post other updates. This useful tool can be switched on and off at anytime, so when your campaign is over, you can take it off the top of the page and replace it with something new. 

Facebook’s ability to create events is a good way of inviting customers or making them aware of your campaign. 


Instagram is the perfect place to engage visually with your audience and reinforce your brand image. Take advantage of creativity and develop a series of exciting campaign visuals to roll out. 

Creating your own Like, Follow and Share competitions as well as promoting Special Deals and discounts is incredibly easy and cost free. Simply create a visually pleasing and eye catching graphic and add appropriate text. But don’t forget hashtags! These important key words are vital when spreading the message, so be selective and innovative with your tags.

 Iconograph is the tool to use when monitoring the progress of your account, as well as discovering trending hashtags, so be sure to use this throughout your campaign. 


Twitter can be used to keep your audience up to date with your campaign. Regularly promoting it amongst your other posts keeps your audience constantly in the loop. However, you must reword your posts to avoid annoying your audience with spam-style posts. Use phrases such as, “It’s not too late to enter our competition” or “We have an amazing give away” etc, to excite your audience.

Twitter statistics are also available, so it’s recommended to make use of this as well to monitor your posts.

In Short

Creating a quick and easy campaign at a low cost is possible! Christmas is the perfect opportunity to engage with your audience, reinforce your brand and boost sales. Social media is a fantastic tool to easily promote and monitor your campaign’s progress.