Innovative Ways To Communicate With Your Audience

Creative visual communication is becoming increasingly important when connecting with your audience online, so what’s the best way to do it? Photos are becoming a thing of the past, with the rising popularity of videos and cinemagraphs.


Video is an excellent way to tell your brand story in a much more engaging way. The possibilities are endless with video – you’ve just got to know what you’re after!

Instagram in a great platform to express your creativity in 15 seconds. With the ability to overlay your video with text and graphics, you can connect to your audience in multiple ways. These short clips give your audience a first hand insight into your brand message, so make them count.

Other social platforms such as Facebook are a good place to promote your brand through video; it’s just got to be concise and to the point. Let’s face it, no one wants watch an hour long video on their social stream.


An intriguing combination of photography and video, cinemagraphs allow you to display sections of a moving image against a still frame. These mesmerising gifs are a great way to display products, new collections and services that your business has to offer.

Their short animated nature allows the audience to enjoy the cinemagraph for a few seconds on repeat, without getting bored (as they could with both a still image or a long video). They are perfect for social media and could be a fun element of a website.

Now you have the insight into what types of online visual communications are trending in 2016, go and be creative with moving images!