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From First Click to Final Purchase: Elements of a Smooth User Journey

Are you aware of data-driven user experience and its impact on your conversion rate? Does your business rely on intuition and experience instead of data? Do you really understand your key demographics and what influences them?

Commonly, the answer is no. Many small businesses function year on year with little consideration given to the user journey. The possibility for drastic improvements to sales year-on-year is missed. Sometimes a great product isn’t enough; serious investment in guiding every customer towards purchase is required.

Today we speak of the user journey and its place in a successful digital strategy. We’ll outline some of the pillars of an excellent user journey in web design, demonstrating its value to you as a business owner or decision maker as a tool for driving growth and profit.

Plot the Journey First

Great web design in Newbury and beyond is faster, not slower! A designer who knows their trade will plot the user journey from start to finish before investing time in the design itself. This customer-centric practice offers two distinct benefits: it ensures the user journey is of a high standard, and it minimizes time spent reworking and editing.

It’s an understandable misconception; a high-quality service must take longer, right? Wrong! A quality web design service will draw on previous experience to rapidly plan your user journey with you, providing a robust framework for the swift creation of a high-performing website.

Websites guided to creation by a sound user journey become lean, effective tools in the business owner’s arsenal. Websites created haphazardly may perform initially, but invariably incur more cost over time through urgent adjustments and improvements.


Less is More

Most websites that drive sales and leads could do with a serious makeover! Sites are frequently a dizzying, confusing affair instead of a streamlined primary sales channel. With websites increasingly vital as the first means by which a prospective customer or client evaluates your business, you can’t afford to clutter and confuse the visitor.

When you visit a website, you don’t want to think about what you must do to find the information you want. Clutter is a mortal sin in web design and is indicative of a disregard for the user journey; if an element doesn’t guide me towards a sale or enquiry in some way, why is it there?

The menu is a frequent offender of the ‘less is more’ concept. Static menus can dominate the user journey, causing a visitor to rely and focus on the menu above other elements of the site. Hidden menus are a great alternative that follows the user through their visit without demanding constant attention. This commonly improves sales and conversions.


Leveraging Emotion

Trust, joy and anticipation. Three vital emotional responses that your website can use to build desire and inspire loyalty in your visitors. Expert web design in Newbury will incorporate these elements.

Trust is vital for building a positive perception of your brand and services. In web design, trust is built throughout the user journey by carefully placing information on your best clients, endorsements and achievements. Certifications or memberships of relevant bodies and institutions are excellent too.

Joy is vital for going beyond the initial sale. By incorporating genuinely useful content and concise, clear copy into the website, the user journey is transformed. Businesses that offer a ‘little extra’ in this way elicit a joyful response in their visitors, transforming them into thought leaders and building a loyal audience over time.

Anticipation takes advantage of our natural curiosity as humans. In web design, this incorporates enticing imagery and strong copy to pique the interest of a visitor before they leave your website. Once hooked, it helps give a visitor more motivation to enquire or purchase a product.


Proven Experience, Proven Results

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